wlc lineart

  • Brighter indoors and outdoors
  • Line Art / Line Drawing
  • Mono/Dual/RGB Color
  • 3D Display


Media Glass


  • Brighter indoors
  • Video Display
  • Mono and Color
  • HDMI/VGA Output



content hud

  • Video or Line-drawing Display
  • Mono or Dual Color
  • Unlimited viewing angles
  • Easy integration or installation


R&D Service


  • We bring innovations to light, using high throughput R&D tools to accelerate discovery of advanced materials.


Sun Innovations offer ultimate fully transparent digital display solution TRANSPLAYTM and MEDIAGLASSTMwith unlimited display sizes and viewing angles. Sun Innovations is also world’s first provider of advanced fully transparenFW-HUDs(Full Windshield Head-Up Display) that enables drives behind the wheel to stay informed without taking their eyes off the road, by presenting key information on the windshield. Sun Innovations Inc.’s, advanced materials and patented “emissive projection display” (EPD) technology enables superior digital images on crystal-clear glass panels. Our technology delivers a superior “digital signage” solution on store-front glass windows, allowing one to create neon-like digital animation or high definition video displays on clear glass panels. It also enables advanced full windshield head-up displays (fw-HUD), and high contrast projection display on a completely black screen.

The EPD system is able to turn any clear surface into an emissive digital display. It allows audiences to experience a vivid, high-definition image while clearly seeing through the transparent screen. This enables a wide variety of potential applications for displaying digital information. Applications in the digital-signage market include storefront windows and other in-store advertising displays; shopping malls; window glass in airports, train, subway stations, and other high-traffic public areas; large advertising displays on the glass walls of buildings; HUDs for various vehicles; and much more.

Latest News

Jan. 2016, Sun Innovations introduces the 1st multiple-colors HD-image display on haze-free transparent emissive screen, using compact and energy efficient visible LED DLP projector.  It displays colors from Green to Red (including white) on glass windows of any form factor in buildings or vehicles, with a very light tint.

Sep. 2015, Sun Innovations introduces the 1st HD-image display on water-clear emissive screen, with compact and energy efficient blue-ray-LED DLP projector.  Digital information can be displayed in colors of Blue, White, or Red, on glass windows of any form factor in buildings or vehicles coated by the screen, without affecting the glass transparency. The projected blue-ray light is fully blocked by the screen without leaking through.

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