Sun Innovations, Inc. (Sun) is emerging as the premium developer and provider of advanced FW-HUDs (Full Windshield Head-Up Display) and Super-transparent Imaging-Display Technology. Our TransPlayTMand MediaGlassTM lines of products are backed with a complete portfolio of intellectual properties, including many granted patents.aboutus

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Sun Innovations have dedicated many years of R&D effort in developing new materials and ”disruptive” display products, with a global multiple disciplinary team. In the opening year of product deployment, Sun Innovations has more than 100 customers operating over 400 installations worldwide. Sun Innovations also custom build MediaGlassTM and TransPlayTM Display technology and solutions with key clients in Media, Advertising, Entertainment, Automobile, Hospitality, Banking, Financial and Retail industries.

We present superior digital images on crystal-clear glass panels.

Enabled by the advanced materials of Sun Innovations Inc., the patented “Emissive Projection Display” (EPD) technology turns any glass window or windshield to a scalable digital display, by applying our proprietary optic-clear emissive film on windows and project an excitation image to it.   

Unlike other "transparent displays”, our projective display screen is “crystal-clear” without haze; it has unlimited viewing angles; the projected image is completely absorbed and presented on the novel screen without leaking through the screen onto viewers. It is finding major applications as superior “digital signage” solution on store-front glass windows, allowing stores to create neon-like digital animation or high definition video displays on clear glass windows to attract walk-by traffic. It also enables the 1st full-windshield head-up displays (fw-HUD), and high contrast projection display on a fully black emissive screen in lighted environment.

The company has its Global Headquarters in Fremont, California, with two development and production branch offices in China employing large number of personnels worldwide. Sun Innovations’ s rapid distributorship growth has brought tremendous exposure not only in United States but also in the countries including Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, India, Japan and China. Please contact us, if you are interested to work with us.

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