color HDSun Innovations once again delivers superior image quality and unmatched visual impact with its innovative MediaGlass solution for their customers and partners .  MediaGlass plays full color high quality video real time maintaining brilliant color, transparency and brightness. Our product features includes HDMI/VGA output delivering plug and play solution and patented emissive transparent screen (less than 2% haze). Any glass surface can be instantly transformed into interactive, informative and entertainment center for your end user which pushes modern display technology to whole new level. 

Our technology is easy to install and play with. Volume discount available. This product has lead time, preordering your unit will help us understand your demand. Please contact one of our sales associates for more information on pricing and availability at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (510) 651 -1329 .

Our kit includes: Custom built DLP projector with specific sized film and accessories if applicable.


Fully transparent color HD emissive screen with tint is now available. The screen is transparent with light tint and is very bright indoor displaying vibrant color video.

Check out the display!


Please visit our below YouTube links for more product displays, actual implementation and videos 


 MediaGlass product information can be found by clicking below:

MediaGlass Product Brochure 

 MediaGlass Manual information can be found by clicking below:

 Film Mounting Manual 

ColorHD Projector Specification

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